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Approximately 80 percent of large and small businesses in the United States use equipment financing or leasing to fund their operations.
  Why financing your equipment is to your advantage.

Conserves Your Cash Flow - Leasing/financing allows you to acquire the equipment you need for as little as $20 up front. Traditional financing options require a sizeable down payment that can be as much as 20%.

100% Financing - Your lease can cover everything it takes to put your equipment to work, including hidden expenses such as shipping and installation. This helps avoid a large capital outlay as these costs are spread over the life of your lease.

Conserves Working Capital & Simplified Record Keeping - Leasing provides an alternate source of financing for equipment acquisitions. Leasing preserves your bank lines of credit for day-to-day business operations and unexpected expenses.

Avoid Obsolescence - Equipment you need today may not meet your needs in the future. Machinery and technology can quickly become out-of-date. A lease can be structured to match the "useful" life of the equipment.

Valuable Tax Advantages - A lease payment is made with pre-tax dollars, while a cash purchase is made with after-tax dollars. A lease payment can qualify as an expense, which will reduce taxable income and your tax burden. You may also take advantage of IRS Section 179 with your leased equipment (consult your accountant regarding your bookkeeping options).

Provides Flexibility - Lease terms and monthly payments can be structured to fit your cash flow or budgetary requirements. Since lease terms are typically longer then bank loans, payments are more attractive. (Ask about our 7x100 or 90-Day Deferral Programs.)
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